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Spring collection: Fighting my urge to put flower patterns everywhere

Updated: May 3, 2018

I have been struggling to find time between school, internships, and personal obligations/issues to complete the Spring collection, but the warm weather is back, so I can only be in a good mood. Spring means florals and I've been swimming in dreams of beaded flowers on everything!

Spring is here and all the stores are going crazy on the florals. This gal over her is a happy camper, I love florals! The challenge for me is to find a balance between my floral tops and my -usually pretty busy- accessories. I like my beadwork as blingy as can be, my earrings big and shiny lined with that bling-on-a-string. I’m talking this and this.

When designing the Spring collection however, I had to give it a little more thought. What could complement floral and pattern-heavy outfits while being subtle and original? My go-to is always black. My closet is filled with black, my shoes are black, I want it all painted black. And what looks good on black? Everything. Especially loomed flowers and fringed earrings. Raised beadwork on a black hat? Yes. Can I wear all that and pull it off with a floral? Maybe?

So I decided to turn that collection into a two-part project. One side was going to have my all-time fav floral-on-black, and the other was going to be an almost color-blocked version of the colors I saw in most floral patterns out there. Lots of green, brown, grey, red and yellow, some purple and pink. That’s when I came up with these babies. I had so much fun making them, I even made some earrings inspired by a combo of my one and only, Charlie the Mew and the song Love Always Charlie from the 7 Shot Screamers (psychobilly band from St-Louis). I also couldn’t resist doing some bling for Spring, like these very shiny earrings. I know people like to go out, and if I did, that’s what I’d wear!

If you know jme just a little, you know I am very invested in food sovereignty, renewable energy and holding elected representatives accountable for the choices that they make (yes, I can make everything political, even a jewelry collection). That’s why I created the Waters Deep line this Spring. These pieces represent our water sources and the aquifers that are under threat with. The first piece of this line is the Aquifers earrings, to which I plan on adding a bracelet, a necklace, and maybe a hair piece...

We will see where this takes me, and if I can finish this collection before the Summer!


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