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 Generations of knowledge kept alive 
Izzy black an white bio picture

Everyone calls her I:si.

She is a little here, a little there, a little everywhere.

Somewhere between the Boat and the Canoe, she has learned to be a good swimmer. Having spent most of her youth in Karonhiatsi’kowáhne, she now lives in the Nehirowisiw but remains close to her maternal Kanien'keha:ka roots while rexploring her paternal heritage (Éireannaí). 

Creativity runs in her family: with both parents being musicians, a mother who is a photographer, a grandfather who trapped and tanned, a grandmother who did beadwork and mittens, a sister who is a seamstress and who also picked up bead embroidery, it felt natural for her to pick up beadwork herself and pass it on to her nieces. While needing to financially sustain herself during university, she founded Red Oak Beadwork selling beaded jewelry, small-batch resin pieces and winter accessories.

Since then, she has adorned the regalia of many of her friends and has given workshops for organizations such as Native Montreal and the Aboriginal Student Resource Centre at Concordia University.

You might see her at a booth at an event near you, beading away on her next project!

 From deep roots sprout the best fruits 

Our Creations

Timeless collections made by hand

All our pieces are made one bead at a time, by hands guided by several generations of beadworkers. Some of our pieces are a symbol of cultural pride, some are conversation pieces created to make people reflect on current issues around the globe. 

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