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Artisanal Candle - Spring Flowers 4oz

Artisanal Candle - Spring Flowers 4oz


Handcrafted from the finest ingredients, our candles are an excellent gift for Mother's Day. Our candes are crafted in small batches, with natural waxes, wicks, botanic shavings and essential oils, to provide confort with the environment in mind.


This fresh-scented artisanal candle is handcrafted with the best quality ingredients.  It uses the natural slow-burning properties of Indigenous-sourced beeswax paired with top-grade Canadian Soy Wax, and a luxurious blend of Geranium, Linden blossoms, Gardenia and Rose essential oils, that make this candle a relaxing, warm hug for a special mama in your life.

  • Ingredients

    Soy wax


    Hemp wick

    Essential oils

    Cornflower petals

    Rose petals

  • Important message about candle care

    Avoid a prolonged burning time (more than 4 hours)

    Burn the candle on a stable, heat-resistant surface, away from any flammable object

    Allow the candle to melt to the rim of the container to avoid tunneling

    Never leave a burning candle unattended

    Keep the candle out of reach of pets and children

    Cut the wick 1/4 inch high before each burn to keep the wax clean and burning well

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